Thursday, January 20, 2011

The House Cleansing spell

House Spell...
This is a Room by Room Cleansing Spell.
Make sure you go through your house and do each room separately...
1 Spring of White Heather
1 Lit White Candle in a holder
Lit Frankincense in a holder
Bowl of Blessed Water

Take the Candle and the incense and walk about the interior of the room saying
-By Fire and Flame, By Smoke and Scent
-I drive from this room all chaos and dissent
Asperge the room using the sprig and the water, sprinkling the baseboards, walls and corners & floor
-By water and salt, by herb and flower
-Peace and contentment return in this hour
Take the tray out door
-Follow the light, follow the scent
-Into the Earth and into the Air
-Energies gathered here I now vent
Snuff out the candle, bury the incense, lay the sprig over this and pour the water on the top. Bury the candle

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  1. Wonderful spell!

    I have signed on as one of your followers a few days ago but I noticed I am not showing up under your "followers" tag. This doesn't matter to me I just wanted to let you know in case your blog is not getting you updates. Blessings and wishes.